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Release notes

Here you can find the release notes of all CrossTest releases up till the release this documentation applies to. Click on the header of a version number to go to the documentation of that specific version.

Version 1.0

  • 1.0 24-05-2019

    New features

    • Database steps
      • Microsft SQL Server Database
        • Execute a test within a transaction (automatic rollback at the end)
        • Insert data into a table
        • Execute a SQL query (and get the results)
        • Get data from a table, view or function
      • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
        • Execute a MDX query (and get the results)
    • Process steps
      • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
        • Execute a SSIS package
        • Specify package parameters
      • Microsoft SQL Agent Job
        • Execute a job
    • Result steps
      • Result verification
        • Compare expected and actual results
    • Configuration
      • Test
        • Specify object templates (naming convention and predefined set of attributes with values)
      • Database
        • Configure database connections
      • Process
        • Specify project configuration (ISServer, ISPac, SqlServer, SsisPackageStore & FileSystem)
        • Specify project connections
        • Specify project parameters